Space Rental Checklist

Space. It seems to be a word I hear almost every week in Chicago. Whether it is a store owner, a wedding vendor, or someone looking for a small studio to work out of, affordable space is becoming a hot commodity. Beyond the price point, what other things should we be looking at as potential tenants? What hidden costs should we be calculating into the price? What essentials do we need to do our work?

I made a little space rental cheat sheet to help any of you that might be looking!

space checklist.jpg

Inspiration for the NotWedding

A week ago I had the pleasure of being the prop rental vendor for the very first NotWedding event in Chicago. While I had no idea what to expect, I was really excited to showcase new props and do some styling and DIY projects. All of the vendors participating received a mood board, color scheme and theme for the event, and this time around it was Suit & Tie. 

It's always exciting to get a theme that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. In the end, I created a new mood board to incorporate my ideas and twist on the concept: 


To me, Suit and Tie was a little bit Mad Men and a little bit Gatsby. Masculine, but glamorous. Velvety, textured, and refined...with a little dazzle. Maybe the room would be a shade too dark, so any lingering light would catch on the brass goblets, crystal glassware, and cascading gemstones. 

For the NotWedding event, I used these ideas to style the entry and bar areas, and worked with the Bread and the Butterfly and Naturally Yours Events on their tablescapes. Above is my inspiration, and I'll share more details once the event photos are released. Keep an eye out for the professional photos, which will go up on RuffledBlog!

Welcome to Our New Home!

Hello dear friends. Welcome to the new and improved re:find Joy site! I have been working long and hard to update this site so that it is more useful to you, and hopefully it will prove to be a valuable resource moving forward! I really wanted to take the time to create something that reflected the re:find Joy brand, while also best serving all of you when I may not be available in person. There is so much to see, so I hope you will settle down with a nice cup of tea and take it all in. 

Here's what you can look forward to:

You can now create a prop rental wishlist! Instructions for this are on each main prop page. Each item has the ability to "rent item." Once your items are added to the "cart" you can see an estimated total for your wishlist. Placing the discount code RESERVE during checkout will wipe this total, allowing you to send me a rental wishlist! I will look this over, checkout your date, and let you know what items are available to rent.

There is also an added search bar in case you are looking for something specific (i.e. color, cake stand, etc)! In the future, we hope to add other categories! We are starting with four collections: Display, Serve, Hold, and Of the Earth

Space can mean so many things, can't it? This is our main portfolio page, showcasing tablescapes, event design, shop and fair displays. When it comes to styling spaces, I have so many joys, and I can't wait to share them with you here! 

In order to showcase all that I do here at re:find Joy, I have now added a design page where you can see branding work I have done! Brands are a strong part of the work that I do, work that ties into spaces that I've created. I love to work with brands in their initial design stages, and then carry that work through to their look books, styled shoots, and other collateral.

In the resources section you can find our FAQ and Process pages along with wedding vendor referrals, and links to our online features.

We have added a contact form! Some people like them, some people don' feel free to use it or email me personally!

At the bottom of every page you'll find little links to our Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages in case you want to see what we're up to!


Thank you so much for all of your support over the years, and for helping me build re:find Joy into what it is today. It has been a dream working with all of you and I can't wait to see where we go from here!

with Joy,

Janelle, owner of re:find Joy

Commercial Shoot Sneak Peek

I love love love working on photoshoots! Why? Because they give me a chance to collaborate with other brilliant creatives and see how my props might be used in a different way. Every shoot is a chance to learn and grow and develop my skills and it is exhilarating.

Here is a sneak peek of a collaboration between myself, tru studio, and Pinch Provisions for their Spring Catalog:


Sometimes a cake stand can hold something other than cake! I can't wait to share the rest of this shoot once the details are finalized and it's a go!

Photoshoot with Estera Style

I realized this week that I haven't shared much in the way of projects I've worked on that aren't wedding related. There are so many facets to what I do at re:find Joy, and I want to share more about other aspects of the business!

On that note, I would love to start by sharing a shoot I assisted on with the talented ladies at Estera Style. This coffee-themed shoot was a perfect backdrop for our brass candlesticks and duck family. It just goes to show that some props have a wider use than you might imagine. Some might not think of brass ducks as glamorous, but I think this shoot will put that thought out of your mind!

Soak up these rich, luxurious images!