Romantic Tuscan Styled Shoot

I love a shoot that ventures outside of the "norms," breaks tradition, and gives a refreshing perspective on a theme. This shoot was a dream to work on, and I was thrilled to provide rentals to go with this deeply romantic idea. You can always tell when a lot of thought is put into the details of an event, and I find that this is always the case with Kelly Marie of Fleur and Olivia Leigh. They pulled this shoot together just beautifully!

I will let the rest of the photos do the talking!

You can see the rest of the photos from this perfect shoot on Ruffled!


prop recipe no. 6: PASTEL OASIS

Earlier this week, I shared the latest inspiration for today's prop recipe: creating a pastel oasis. Of course, I picture a lot of plants in this recent styling but they're not necessarily needed! The whole idea is to create a space to breathe, relax and hang out. Maybe it's for your home and this is where you will escape to read a book, or maybe you're trying to create the perfect atmosphere for guests at your event. It is becoming more and more common to have hints of home decor in event design. Either way, I think color is key! I love mixing patterns and bright color blocks together. Mint, yellow and chalky pink are a few of my favorites, but you can use whatever your heart fancies! There are so many combinations of props and objects that could work to fill the space out, from kantha throws and kilim rugs, to plant podswood flower boxes and white or bright colored ceramics. I think diversity really helps to tie this look together!

Do you love color? What are some of your favorites to decorate with? Where do you find your decorating inspiration?

prop recipe inspiration no. 6: PASTEL OASIS

I have been dreaming of summer! We've been getting plenty of sunshine here in Chicago lately, but this week I wanted to focus on creating a sunny oasis to escape to when the clouds appear. This theme is versatile enough to work in a home or for event decor if you have a bright, eclectic style. Are you looking for a place to escape to right at home? 

Keeping my Word: an update from re:find Joy

Earlier this year I wrote about my Guiding Word for 2015, a word that I will use to help keep me following my dreams and standing my ground in life and business. My word for this year is Commit. I have been known to let self doubt stop me from chasing opportunities or taking on work that I didn't feel ready for in the past, and I have decided that this is the year to end all of that nonsense.

I've been reading this book along with THIS book and both have really resonated with me. It's a jungle out there these days! Individuals have the freedom to create their own path and carve their own niche to magic jobs out of thin air. It's exhilarating! I've always been one to take comfort in SOME rules and guidelines, and it seems that in this brave new world, those are thrown out the window. 

In short, it can be difficult to find our own way at times. With the growth of social media and the appearance of perfect lives everywhere at our fingertips, sometimes we falter and forget to OWN the skills and individuality we already possess. But we all matter! We all have something to GIVE. I've taken great inspiration from companies like AppleIDEO, and Fast Company about what it means to work in the "modern" world. I love their ideologies, especially their thoughts on mindset and "failure."

So where am I now?

This is my year for saying YES. If an opportunity sounds good, I'm going to take it. Last month I picked up a new long-term graphic design client for a small publisher, and my heart sang at the opportunity to help real people tell their stories. For the first time in my career, I've entered one of my projects into a design competition. Later this year, I'm headed to NYC for a styling workshop. I'm also beginning work with a branding coach on how best to serve YOU and what I can offer to best assist others. I'm seeking out new projects and ways to grow and develop re:find Joy!

What goals are you tackling this year? Have any exciting projects on the horizon?