Client Inspiration Board | Nature's Magic

Sometimes you meet someone that is so wholeheartedly themselves, who had the courage to grow up and ignore all of the media and conforming thoughts put out into the world. And you rejoice. That was the case here, and this board has been one of my cherished favorites to work on. Every detail matters. What you put out into the world matters. What you let into your life matters. These are all things I learned during my time with this person. 

This board was developed for someone with a deep interest in nature. For her, nature was fascinating - botany, life cycles, relationships - all of these mattered. She had a profound respect for this world, and the life within it. She was intent to feed the soul, and feed the soul she did.

Client Inspiration Board | Boho Natural

I love helping people curate their style. Each person is uniquely different, and it is a joy and a challenge to find what works for them. In this busy world full of information overload and Pinterest DIYs, I've been helping individuals hone in on what really makes them tick. 

This board was created for a lovely lady who lives in the city and dreams of the mountains. She leads an active, healthy, mostly organic lifestyle and we wanted her space to reflect that. We looked at creating a space that was wild and free, focused around materials that were naturally made. The space should feel cozy and inspire togetherness, with textures that remind you of life and earth.