Creative Event Activity Ideas

Today I wanted to share a few fun ideas for activities for your next event! I love when events have an extra little something to entertain guests. Whether you're throwing a corporate party, planning a wedding, or hosting a networking event, here are a few of my favorite things!


I think a temporary tattoo booth is a carefree and fun idea for people of all ages at any event! It also makes for a nice ice breaker. Companies like Tattly have made it possible to get some ink without the pain and permanence. 


Caricatures, live sketching or painting are ideas just about anyone could enjoy. They offer a unique way to get a new portrait of you with your loved ones, and they support local artists as well. Companies like Doodlebooth in Chicago offer live illustrating for events, and I always love to see how artists capture the personality of each person they illustrate.


I love bouquet or boutonniere bars and I hope they never go out of style. Who doesn't love flowers? This idea gives guests a beautiful memento to enjoy in their homes or just jazz up their attire for the evening. 


Similarly, why not give guests something they can enjoy at home for years to come? This one requires getting a little dirty, but seed bombs are an amazing way to add beauty to the community! This would be an especially fun thing for an outdoor event that takes place in the community.


Hiring a screen printer to do live-printing at your event is a unique way to support the arts while also giving your guests something tangible to bring home. Screen-printing has so many material options; you can print on just about any flat surface including paper, canvas, tote bags, and t-shirts.

Have a great weekend, friends!

Brand Styling

What is brand styling? Brand styling is the way your brand is presented. It starts with your logo mark, business name and overall "look." From there it moves to your website and marketing collateral. I don't believe it ends there. 

Brand styling includes the profile photos you use social media, the style of the photos posted on Instagram, and the language used on Linked In, Facebook and other sites. It includes what you wear, what you believe, what projects you work on, and who you work with.

Here are a few brands (many of which you will recognize) that utilize effective brand styling:

Hey Shenee: Find Your Perfect Brand Chemistry


So what do these brands do that is so effective?


Each of these brands has an unwavering style. From the colors they use to the clothes they wear, these brands have iconic style that is recognizable as their own. 


The message these brands communicate is not only that, but a way of life. Bright Bazaar celebrates being "Quintessentially Colourful," while Kinfolk encourages a life of "Slow Living." They are very different, yet they have their own distinct beliefs that others can relate to.


Regardless of how these brands choose to communicate, they are consistent in every instance.  Whether they're posting a photo on Instagram or sending 140 characters on Twitter, they are all  consistent in the language, photography, color, typography and message that is being communicated. Hey Shenee is an amazing example that consistency is key: she uses the same fonts, colors, textures and overall style in all of her materials, including the Labs she offers for other brands to take. Each of these Labs is also outfitted with its own brand package, complete with a unique logo mark.


All of these brands have created a culture and their followers rally around them. Whats more, each of them have created ways for their community to grow and share together, no matter their location. These companies even use their own branded hashtags (#brandchemistry #makeyousmilestyle, #dscolor, #thatsdarling, and #kinfolk). Kinfolk and Design Sponge especially have found "their people" and their communities have almost become their brand ambassadors, sharing and celebrating their experiences via social media.


There's one thing that all of these brands do to share, and that is leverage social media. There is no radio silence where these companies are concerned. They share, and they share often. Whether they're reposting posts written on their blogs, sharing stories from their following, or linking to an interesting article appropriate to their message, all of these companies excel at sharing. 

What other brands have amazing brand styling? What else can brands do to communicate their message and establish community? 

COLOR DREAMS: inspired by gems & minerals

Images of gems & minerals get me every time. There is a mysterious magic in the natural world that opens my mind to possibility. The color and texture that occurs is better than anything we could dream up, which is why nature is where I end up whenever I feel stuck or uninspired. 

COLOR DREAMS-gemsminerals.jpg

This photo by Mackensey Alexander is luminous. I love when events incorporate personal meaning and connections into their details. This shoot featured on Swooned Magazine is soft, mystical and enchanting. These vendors have shown what can happen when you embrace what makes you unique and different. Rock candy cupcakes. Subtle, yet gorgeous, colors and textures. Florals that can be dried and last a lifetime. I know it's not the traditional voluminous gown, with feminine touches and overflowing vases of blooms, but I really dig this one.

Do It YOUR Way

If you've been following along with me for any amount of time, then you already know that I lean away from societal norms, pop culture, and the like. Yet there is someone I have been incredibly fascinated with lately that made me pay attention for once. That person is Sia.  Like the vast majority of people I've talked to, I thought her masked elaborate performances were a creative solution to intense stage fright. And I admit, I was so excited about this possibility. But then I read this interview, in which she basically says she does it because she feels like it. And I thought, isn't this an even better reason?

Sia is highly against fame and generally avoids public appearances of any kind. Yet she's incredibly well-known and is the mastermind behind so many current musical greats. So why do I admire her so much? It's because she does things her own way. She is quirky and strange and not at all a model of what society considers normal, and yet she stands out and perseveres. What's even better, is that in doing what works for her, she is supporting other members of the Arts community including dancers, stylists, and set designers and bringing more awareness to the artistic aspect of her work. I absolutely adore this about her.

There are difficult and often uncomfortable barriers to overcome with any career, but the one thing I would love to remind myself and others, is that you can do what you want to do in your own way. No matter what personality traits you have or don't have, I guess I just hope that everyone enjoys who they are in what they do. We each have our own unique experiences, knowledge, and journeys and I want to focus on using those as strengths instead of focusing on how we can change intrinsic aspects about ourselves. The beauty of the world today, is that we don't have to fit some pre-determined mold of what our career looks like.  Every day more and more people are choosing to create a path that works for their unique circumstances. 

I will leave you with this video of Sia's Grammy Performance and a question: Are you doing what works for you?

Prop Recipe No. 4: OCEANIC LIFE

On Tuesday I shared inspiration for Prop Recipe No. 4: Oceanic Life. Today, I'm sharing the actual recipe! For this oceanic inspiration, I wanted to focus on the beautiful shades of white, pink, purple and silver found in barnacles, anemone and the fleshy interiors of mollusks. To create this look I would use translucent displays in shades of purple and pink combined with harder textures found in rocks, shells and petrified wood. To give this a more refined finish, I would layer in beautifully tarnished silver items and if you wanted to take it a step further, backdrops in fabrics with subtle swiss dots or a gauzy appearance would help create the right atmosphere. These pretty colors paired with such intricate textures would be such a pleasing palette for all the senses!